Getting Rid of That Old Bogeyman Stress

We all know that stress is one of the banes of modern existence.
It diminishes productivity, strains relationships, and hurts both our mental and physical well-being. So it’s paramount that we do everything we can to reduce stress.
Different people find different ways to de-stress.
Have you ever felt as relaxed as a rag doll after swimming? Certain kinds of physical activities, such as walking, swimming and yoga, are great de-stressors.
Team sports can actually create stress from the adrenalin of the competition, however, by keeping your body on high alert for too long. If you’re looking for a great workout, and thrills, try basketball, football, soccer and the like. But if you want to de-stress, check out other physical activities.
Two more ways to de-stress are deep breathing and meditation. With deep breathing, you focus on the act of breathing in and out, and nothing else. Those who practice it say they can feel the tension roll off them. The same with meditation, where your mind focuses only on positive thoughts.
In addition, try aromatherapy, drinking herbal tea or listening to recordings of rain or other soothing sounds from nature. The idea behind aromatherapy is having your sense of smell overwhelm your other senses for awhile. Inhaling a pleasant smell for several minutes can make you forget about your cares, relaxing you — and can even help you recall pleasant memories, such as walking through a field of fragrant flowers as a child. Herbal teas are healthy anyway, but the act of sipping one slowly on a porch surrounded by lawn and trees, while listening to chirping birds, can be even more soothing. Listening to recorded sounds of nature can chill you out, too, but the key is giving it time. You can’t hit your smartphone, listen to the recorded sounds of rainfall for 10 minutes, and think you’re good to go. Give it 30 minutes or more before bedtime — or even fall asleep to the sounds of the recording.
Interacting with water is still another way to de-stress. A sauna gives you both steam and a refreshing cool-water dip when you’re becoming too hot. With a spa, it’s heat and massaging bursts of water. If you don’t have time to go to a spa or sauna, then try old reliable: a hot bath. You will feel your stress melt away.
The right kind of diet supplement can also help you chill out. Schaeffer Nutraceuticals’ viproactive® relax helps your body resist stress, fatigue and exhaustion. It consists of magnesium for proper nervous-system functioning and natural plant extracts to promote a positive mood and support well-being.