Viproactive® 50+ is a diet supplement for people 50 and over who want to feel great and ooze vitality during the second half of their life. Schaeffer Nutraceuticals has formulated it to fight aging by protecting cells, bolstering the immune system, and improving the body’s productivity.

The secret to Viproactive® 50+’s success is a combination of the vitamins, minerals and other substances it contains, plus the fast and efficient way it gets these nutrients to cells. It uses patented protein-based technology developed from Nobel Prize-winning research to deliver the nutrients to the exact locations in cells where they need to be metabolized — locations that differ from cell to cell. At each location, tiny power generators in the cells convert the nutrients into energy. The dilemma for the body is that it has multiple kinds of power generators. Because Viproactive® 50+ gets nutrients to the power generators that are best equipped to convert them to energy, metabolism is optimal. The result for Viproactive® 50+ consumers is peak energy levels and a feeling of health, vitality and well-being.

One of the anti-aging ingredients that Schaeffer Nutraceuticals’ patented protein delivery system conveys to cells is zinc, which helps ensure normal cell division, protein synthesis and macronutrient metabolism, and protects cells from oxidative stress. Another ingredient is Vitamin B6, which facilitates energy-yielding metabolism and immune-system functioning, and helps regulate hormone activity. The Vitamin B1 — or thiamine — that is in Viproactive® 50+ contributes to heart and nervous-system functioning. Our formulation’s selenium helps maintain hair and nails, thyroid functioning and sperm production. The Vitamin D we include in Viproactive® 50+ contributes to muscle and immune-system functioning. Our Vitamin B12 component facilitates red blood cell formation, homocysteine metabolism, and normal psychological functioning. And the folic acid in our formulation contributes to blood formation.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, Viproactive® 50+ contains coenzyme Q10, pine bark extract, marigold extract, and zeaxanthin lutein, which helps maintain vision.

Schaeffer Nutraceuticals is proud of the research, biotechnology and quality ingredients that go into our Viproactive® line of products. But we always remind our customers that no diet supplement can substitute for a healthy life’s regimen. We all need to lay a solid foundation for achieving health, starting with eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercising, getting enough sleep, and minimizing stress. While Viproactive® 50+ can’t get you to good health all by itself, once you’ve laid the proper foundation, it can get you to the next level. A level where you’re feeling sharper, livelier, fitter and more productive. One, in short, where you’re being all you can be.

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