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NAVIMESO® is our newest dietary supplement with unique peptide formula technology. It contains hyaluronic acid, Vitaprotein®, and hydrolyzed collagen. The special formulas, which were developed in the Schaeffer Nutraceuticals laboratories, are enriched with plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals. This formula promotes the slow absorption and metabolism of nutrients, stimulates collagen synthesis function in tissue cells, and supports joint and skin health.


Nutricosmetics involves a new generation of beauty products that work from within the body to enhance the skin’s outer appearance. This word is the result of “Nutrition” and “Cosmetics”. 

The concept of Nutricosmetics is the oral absorption – not topical application – of active ingredients, minerals, and nutrients for the purpose of profoundly improving skin nutrition.

Navimeso® follows our patented nutrition technology – Vitaprotein® where the nutritions from the supplement pill will be carried “smart” by the encoded protein to be metabolized in the suitable body cells. Therefore, the skin cells will be able to effectively and actively absorb these nutritions. By providing our skin with the active ingredients it needs, we are improving our skin from the inside and in a sustainable way. 

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We understand your need and bring you a key to easing your concern about aging skin. Navimeso® promises a more elastic skin that will also be softer, brighter, and better protected from external influences. It supports:

  • proper skin hydration 
  • improved skin density and elasticity 
  • reduced minor wrinkles 
  • diminished photoaging effects 
  • increased collagen and elastin production 
  • stimulated natural reparative and regenerative skin processes 
  • removal of free radicals 
  • reduced hyperpigmentation and age spots 
  • accelerated skin regeneration after aesthetic medicine procedures (such as laser therapy, mesotherapy, and filler injections)

Navimeso® daily skincare supplement has a specially developed anti-aging formula that selected biomimetic peptides and a high concentration of active ingredients like high-quality hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and minerals. Navimeso® effectively corrects the signs of aging as these active ingredients reach the surface uniformly, keeping the skin firm and delaying the aging process.

Schaeffer Nutraceuticals is proud of the research, biotechnology, and quality ingredients that go into our Viproactive® line of products. But we always remind our customers that no dietary supplement can substitute for a healthy life’s regimen. We all need to lay a solid foundation for achieving health, starting with eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercising, getting enough sleep, and minimizing stress. While Viproactive® Immuni Plus can’t get you to good health all by itself, it can get you to the next level. A level where you’re feeling sharper, livelier, fitter and more productive. One, in short, where you’re being all you can be.

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